Seller FAQs

Rantigo is emphasize on Work Space Rental, Freelancer Services, Eatery, Transport Rental and Printing. If you do not have any idea what to sell, you can always browse at our categories. However, you can always be creative to sell your services that is legal and complies with our term of services.

You are FREE to list your services at Rantigo with no any charges. Rantigo only draw 20% commission from your successful transaction.

Once seller successful delivered the services and the buyer had marked it as complete, Rantigo will release the 80% commission of your selling price and will transfer to your account after 3 days .

Rantigo only offer Paypal withdraw method at the moment. You can request to withdraw your money at your profile with minimum of RM150. The money will be credit to your Paypal account within 7 working days once approved. Withdraw from Paypal will have 2% charges.

Once the buyer has paid for your services, you have to notify the buyer if you want to do cancellation. You can request mutual cancellation at the seller-buyer chat page.

Custom Offers is a feature, which allows sellers to be proactive and offer their services to potential buyers in a customized manner.By sending buyers a Custom Offer, you have the flexibility in pricing. You can conduct larger deals and offer higher.It also allows you to accommodate specific buyers’ requests with a personalized offer.

Seller is prohibited to insert pornography , child abuse content, violence content or any content that against the law in the job post listing. Besides that, RANTIGO will filtered out your personal contact details such as email or phone number. However, RANTIGO suggest buyer and seller to use the “Let Meets‘ feature to meet up your prospect.

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