What is Rantigo? The One Stop Online Business Needs Marketplace

One Stop Online Business Needs Marketplace

What is Rantigo?

So what is Rantigo? Is this same like Touch N’ Go? Oh no…definitely not. But it can provide a very convenient way for your business or startup operation, a smooth way to achieve your various kind of business needs.

RANTIGO is the 1st Malaysia One Stop Online Business Needs Marketplace by providing Freelance Service, Work Space Rental, Eatery, Transport Rental, Printing and etc. Example like graphic design, digital marketing, share office space, copy-writing, event space, services office, printing name card, lorry rental, and etc.

co-working space


Common problem that a young entrepreneur in Malaysia will encounter probably is lack of resources to carry out some business activities. Let us summarize some difficulties below:

  • Logo Design, Flyer Design, Banner Design for marketing material
  • Legal consultation service/contract for running a company
  • Lack of budget to get a physical and virtual appearance such as office and website.
  • Printing Costly. price not transparent. It may cheaper than what you think.
  • Lack of human resource and so on

Therefore, we created Rantigo to solve and fulfil their needs!


In Malaysia, getting services such as graphics designer, professional service is inconvenient and costly, it might involve of third party that incurred humongous costs and response time. Rantigo now created an opportunity that eliminates the third party channel and shorten response time compared to the old times. So that the buyer can search, compare all the services in the convenient and budget way. We believe most of the service we provide can suit the business needs and also to provide the job opportunity to the community to earn their extra income.

printing services in supplier price

Furthermore, Rantigo also provide a platform for all working space provider to lease their working space and allow customer pay their rental on the spot in RANTIGO, regardless of short term rental or long term rental. Customer can compare all the available service office, event booth or a share space, to choose a best venue to launch their business, either short term or long term.

Share space – coffee shop x clothing


There are various of co-working space in Malaysia

Our main target market are startups, SME and online users, who want to acquire work space, freelancer services, printing services in more affordable cost, price transparency, payment secure platform.

In other ways, we also target freelancer, space owner, printing supplier, transportation rental owner, food truck owner, who want to earn an extra income, fully utilize their empty space, and etc. Besides that, it provides an additional sales channel to market and sell products, and also reduced their marketing cost when compared with other sales channels.

Lorry Rental to deliver your goods

So, what you waiting for? Quickly join us for free, to work with the largest online business needs marketplace in Malaysia.

Join Us, We are perfect match.


August 1, 2017
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